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Carnooba is an all-in-one business management software built to empower automotive repair and detail shops to better organize, manage, and grow their businesses. We understand the intricacies that the automotive service industry operates with, and why cookie-cutter software is not the answer for dedicated professionals in the industry. Carnooba Pro software has been designed and built with the help of automotive service professionals around the country, and will continue to be built with guidance from users. Our mission is to build software that makes substantial positive impact for the businesses that use it. We are dedicated to our professionals, and all those involved in the businesses they run.


A Letter From Our CEO

The automotive service industry, like many service industries, is comprised of thousands of dedicated business owners and operators, many of whom have started and grown their businesses from the ground up. These are businesses that serve an important role in their communities and continue to create well paying jobs around the country.

For the past year, we have met, and had detailed conversations, with many owners and technicians running a variety of businesses from repair shops to mobile detailing companies with a dozen or more trucks. These conversations have been critical in our ability to design and build software that we are confident will make a real difference in the every day lives of our users, professionals and technicians.

The passion we have found in this community, across every industry niche, has been a driving force for the team here at Carnooba. We’ve met technicians who never stop striving to learn new skills, improve on their techniques and become the best of best in their category. This passion, along side the families we’ve met of owners and technicians at shop visits and industry expos led to our mission statement here at Carnooba.

”Carnooba exists to provide exceptional software solutions to the automotive industry, empowering our users to better run and grow their businesses. The Company exists to serve our users to the best of our technical and executional abilities, with an ongoing effort to innovate and execute with our continuously customer-driven vision.”

As the CEO of Carnooba, it is my job to ensure our team and product has its finger on the heartbeat of the automotive services industry. Ensure that our product is built directly from the guidance of our users. And realize our vision of changing the lives and businesses of automotive service professionals through innovative software.

I am proud to serve a community so dedicated their craft. A community of small business owners who create jobs, support families, and serve others in their communities. It is our mission, our vision, and our promise to continue to serve you the best way we know how. Carnooba is, and will continue to evolve into, a tool you can count on to allow your business to thrive.

I want to thank each and every Carnooba team member, advisor, investor and most importantly user who has given Carnooba its direction and dedication today. We will continue to grow and evolve along side our users for years to come. Continue to support businesses that support their communities, and promote the future of the automotive service industry.

– Spencer Churchill, CEO

Organize. Manage. Grow.

All-in-one automotive shop management software. Automate your shop workflows with easy to use software.


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