Introducing Carnooba
All-in-one software to run your car care business
Spencer Churchill, Cofounder, Carnooba
01 November 2019

“At Carnooba, our goal is to empower independent car care pros to run their businesses more efficiently and create lasting relationships with the clients they serve. We focus on the technology, so they can focus on their clients.”

What is Carnooba? Who is it for? How does it help? 

When you’re running an independent car care business, especially a mobile business, there is so much that goes into your daily routine that has nothing to do with actually providing your services (which is where you actually make money). At Carnooba we found that pros are spending hundreds (yes HUNDREDS) of hours per year on non-billable tasks to run their businesses. Extrapolate your hourly rate into that equation and you could be losing thousands of dollars per year on tasks that could take just minutes with the right tools. 


Carnooba is an all-in-one platform specifically designed to help car care professionals organize and run their businesses. To start, pros need to be online but running a website is overkill for the small business owner and the costs can be insane. On Carnooba, pros get an easy to use, easy to update professional profile that has all the benefit of a website without any of the hassle or cost. 


From the profile, pros can create listings for their services to easily showcase their offerings to clients. A client goes on the pro’s profile, chooses the service and add ons and schedules the service from the pro’s calendar. Simple as that, no phone calls or scheduling mishaps.


Now here’s where the big changes come. Pro’s can now take credit card payments right from their clients all on their profile. Finally, pros have an easy and secure way to take payments online. Clients love it because they don’t have to worry (or remember) to get cash or leave a check and pros never have to worry about a lost or unpaid invoice. Win, Win.


To explore more, and there is so much more to explore, click here


“Unlike other cookie cutter platforms, Carnooba is built specifically for car care professionals, and we design the Pro Tools directly from interviews with pros.”

Our goal for the platform is serve every independent car care business regardless of size, service or location. Our focus today is on mobile businesses, and we’re designing tools for traditional brick and mortar operations now. But, whether you are running a detailing business, mobile oil change shop, window tinting, dent repair or other car care business, Carnooba serves to make your life easier and make your business more effecient.

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