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Introducing Carnooba Pro | Software to Run Your Automotive Service Business
Spencer Churchill, CEO
30 April, 2020

“I never made a damn dime until I started doing what I wanted.”
-Carroll Shelby

The automotive aftermarket/auto care industry in the United States accounts for more than $418 Billion in annual revenue, employs nearly 5 million people and includes over 270,000 repair shops and over 265,000 retail parts outlets (Hedges & Company). That’s a $418 Billion industry, growing at 3-3.5% per year, made up of majority small business owners and operators employing and serving members of their own communities. It’s truly the American Dream. However, for better part of a century, small business owners in the industry have struggled with the same operational issues that have prevented the growth and success of their businesses. Whether it be estimates, dealing with insurance companies, job pricing, employee management or invoicing, if you look back in time, for the most part, these operational requirements have not seen the introduction of technological improvement nearly at the same rate as a variety of comparable industries such as HVAC or Construction.
In comes Carnooba.

Carnooba is an all-in-one business management software built to empower automotive repair, service, and detail shops to better organize, manage, and grow their businesses. We understand the intricacies that the automotive service industry operates within, and why cookie-cutter software is not the answer for dedicated professionals in the industry. Carnooba Pro software has been designed and built with the help of automotive service professionals around the country, and will continue to be built with guidance from users. Our mission is to build software that makes substantial positive impact for the businesses that use it. We are dedicated to our professionals, and all those involved in the businesses they run.

Organize. Manage. Grow.

All-in-one automotive shop management software. Automate your shop workflows with easy to use software.


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