Online Tools for Car Care Pros

Professional Website, Managed Calendar & Appointments, Online Booking, Client Lists, Promotional Marketing, Instant Payouts, and so much more!

Showcase Your Skills. Grow Your Bookings. All Online.


Carnooba is the first platform designed to help car care professionals organize, manage, and grow their businesses. With Carnooba, Pros can now easily create and manage a simple online professional webpage, showcase their services and get booked all online, manage an up to date calendar of appointments, organize all their clients on one easy to use page, and take online payments. Running a car care business should be about focusing on your client, not on administrative tasks. Carnooba empowers you with the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Simple Invoices. Online Payments. Instant Payouts.


With Carnooba, Pros now have the ability to easily accept online payments from clients. 

Professional Website

Build your online profile without the hassle and cost of running a website. Showcase your company and services through photos, reviews and more. Plus, easily share your profile with clients and on social media.

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Client Scheduling

Never lose track of your schedule again. Manage your schedule easily, show clients your availability online, and track your weekly schedule to make sure your time is spent making money not managing a calendar.

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Client Lists

Organize your client list and information on one page. Add vehicle information, notes, and tags to help you better organize your client relationships. Build lasting relationships, earn more per customer and reduce advertising cost.

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Promotions & Coupons

Create specials, promotions and coupons for your services then advertise them across your entire client list. Offer $ off or % off promos for your loyal customers, or a Buy 5 Get 1. Plus anything in between. Reward clients, grow your list.

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Managed Bookings

Let clients schedule bookings, choose services and add-ons right from your profile. Clients can pay and tip through the booking process, so you never have to lose another invoice again. …………………………

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Online Payments

Accept payment from the worlds most trusted online payment processor © Stripe. Clients can now pay directly from your profile, and they can even leave a tip. No more waiting on checks, no more lost invoices and payment tracking. 

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Email Marketing

Use your client list to your advantage in the easiest way possible. Send email promotions and marketing directly to your clients. Let clients refer their friends directly to your profile. ……………………….

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Recurring Services

Why schedule the same service every week? Now you can add clients to your recurring client list and let them choose frequency, services, add ons, and tip. Then show up on the day, and get paid every time. 

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Sell Products

Want to sell products or merch to your clients? Now clients can add products like air fresheners or floor mats to their services, pick up a T-shirt or sticker and so much more. All through your profile without any added hassle. 

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Analytics and Reporting

Don’t get left in the dark. Track your business and learn to grow. Make sure your time is being used wisely, track your average sale value and so much more with the Carnooba analytics dashboard. ……….

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